Board Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor & Holistic Health Practitioner

I teach you how to use nutrition & lifestyle modification to move towards root cause resolution so that you can enjoy optimal wellness.

Hi! I’m Lori Zabka

I’m on a mission to help you restore your health and achieve optimal wellness so that you can live your life to the absolute fullest. 

I spent the 70’s and 80’s strung out on sugar and the Standard American Diet. Although I was an active kid and enjoyed riding bikes, roller skating, and playing outside till dark, I was also riding the waves of erratic blood sugar, battling crippling anxiety, and fast-tracking my way towards chronic inflammation and disease. 

By the mid 90’s, as a young woman in my early 20’s, I was sick. I was pale, weak, constantly nauseated, and cycling through anti-anxiety meds. I was plagued with digestive issues, chronic infections, and a host of other “weird body symptoms” that (unbeknownst to me) were manifestations of the inferno of inflammation in my body. 

I sought answers from doctors and specialists, but the consensus was: “nothing’s wrong.” Thankfully, somewhere in the recesses of my inflamed brain, a little message popped up that said, “BS! There IS something wrong!”

So, I found a Functional Medicine Doc, who ran blood tests, stool tests, and a hair analysis. He dove into my history & my habits..he left no stone unturned. The result? I was an inflamed borderline Type 2 Diabetic, on my way to heart disease (and every other chronic ailment) if I didn’t change my ways, immediately…so I did.

I devoured every piece of wisdom and coaching that he gave me. I changed my diet, flooded my body with nutrients, lifted weights, walked daily, learned to mitigate stress & toxins, and put boundaries around my sleep. Within a few weeks, I began to feel different. Within a few months, I began to look different. And now, at age 50, I am healthier than my former 20-year old self. 

Friend, I understand the confusing parade of symptoms that never resolve. I can relate to the anxiety, the sleeplessness, the cravings that keep driving crappy food choices, the fatigue, and the feeling that something is very wrong….despite being told otherwise. 

I also know what it’s like to have someone who sees you, and has the tools to dig you out of a hole. I’ve been there, and now I’m on the other side. Today, I’m a Board Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and Certified Personal Trainer. I’ve spent the past 17 years helping clients reset their own wellness in order to become their healthiest selves. 

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Lori helped me change my mindset around nutrition and fitness. Now, I’m 20 pounds down, sleeping better, and waking more rested.  I’m on my way to a healthier, happier me! 
What I love about Lori is that she tailors a program to your needs.  You don’t fit into a “slot” made for someone else.  She listens to your needs, and you get results!  


So far, Lori has helped me lose 30 pounds! I have more energy, I am not as swollen, & my joints don’t hurt. Looking forward to the continued work with Lori!
-Fannie C.

Balance Your Biome

Basically, a healthy microbiome is vital for your health & wellness, vitality, good mood, positive outlook, resiliency, energy, mental clarity, and even your fit & lean body. This is why focusing on repairing the gut is the true path to complete wellness. Here’s the deal: 

You cannot out supplement, out medicate, out exercise, out detox, or out diet, a dysregulated gut. 


Work One-on-One with Me

I’m looking to partner with women who are truly ready to improve their wellness. My work as a functional nutrition counselor goes much deeper than giving you a nutrition plan and sending you on your way. We will work together to help the body heal and regenerate by restoring balance. I roll up my sleeves and do the detective work of uncovering the root causes of signs, symptoms, or disease states. Appointments available virtually.
Lori’s kindness and compassion tempered with the knowledge she has is a wonderful combination.
I’m 30 pounds down, my health has improved, and my sleep is better than it's been in many, many years. I can't thank you enough Lori. You've educated me, encouraged me, and celebrated all of my wins through this journey.



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