When Your Body Seems to Work Against You

Apr 02, 2024

It's officially spring, and along with more hours of daylight, this is the time of year when I receive more inquiries from women who are seeking answers as to why their bodies seem to be working against them. As sweat pants and plush jackets are exchanged for shorts and tank tops, frustration mounts when hard work does not produce the desired results. 


How mind-bending is it when you do all the 'right' things like lift weights, slug it out in cardio sessions, track calories, monitor macros, slash sugar intake, and stay diligent and steadfast with solid wellness practices——only to hit the proverbial brick wall?!?!


What. The. Heck.  


I know you've heard me say many times that a lean & trim physique is just a side effect of a body that is functioning well. To understand the disconnect between effort and results, we have to look at what's going on beneath the surface.  


A body that, despite one's best efforts, holds on stubbornly to unwanted weight or fat is a body that is in distress. When I begin working with a client on ANY goal….weight loss, hormonal imbalances, autoimmunity, mood disorders, etc…..I look at the entire vessel because the body cannot be compartmentalized into fat/muscle/hormones/immune system/digestive system/brain.



Compartments do not exist in the human body.




I often say: If you're not eating well, sleeping well, and pooping well, do not "pass go!" Do not add more hours to your workout regime; do not reduce calories; do not count your macros; do not do a 'cleanse." You have to stop searching in the branches for what only appears in the roots. This is especially true in midlife and beyond. 


Here's what I mean:


Are you eating well?

Meaning: how's your digestive system? Are you creating enough enzymes, stomach acid, and bile to break down your food? Do you currently have food intolerances or allergies (which points to a digestive system in need of repair). Do you consume ample plant fibers daily that feed your gut microbes? Do you have excessive bloating, gas, or cramping? How about skin issues or mood disturbances? Yup—those are connected to a distressed digestive system, too. Eating is way more complex than meal prepping and counting macros. 


Are you sleeping well? 

Meaning: how are your adrenal glands? Is excessive cortisol disrupting your natural circadian rhythms and also contributing to stored body fat? How is your body dealing with toxins? Is your liver sluggish/stressed? Is your gut microbiome producing hormones and neurotransmitters that allow you to enter into restful, deep sleep? Do you have mineral deficiencies that contribute to an inability to sleep? Do you have unknown toxic exposures or infections that are over-stressing your immune system/adrenal glands? Sleep is way more complex than popping a few melatonin. 


Are you pooping well?

Meaning: do you have a bowel movement 2-3x per day? You should eliminate several hours after each meal. Constipation may be common, but it's not normal and leads to an overload of toxicity that affects every cell, organ, and tissue in the body. Are your stools formed, hard, loose, or liquid? How about the color and shape of you stool? Crazy as it sounds, your stool is a window into your wellness. It reveals the condition of your microbiome, which is the foundation of ALL of your wellness and weight loss goals. Pooping is way more complex than any of us ever imagined. 


So, when I receive an inquiry from yet another frustrated seeker, I know I can help, but I wonder if she's truly ready to put herself first and learn a new way of relating to her body. I wonder if is ready to erase some old habits and start bravely building new ones that fully support her goals. I wonder if she's willing to open hear heart and mind to new information…true information… that will end her confusion and shed much needed light on the messages her body has been trying to send her. 


If any of this sounds familiar and resonates with you, I have good news: Your current situation is subject to change. You do not have to stay stuck on the hamster wheel of confusion and frustration. THERE ARE ANSWERS WAITING FOR YOU! If you're ready to take a leap of faith, send me a message: [email protected] and let's work together. 


As Always, I Wish You Good Health!