Why do we have to get sick in order to learn how to be well? True wellness requires learning what we were never taught about healing, prevention, resilience, and longevity. 


Chronic pain, insulin resistance, food allergies, weight loss resistance, hormonal imbalances, IBS, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, PCOS, blood sugar imbalance, skin issues, migraines, asthma, autoimmune conditions—and every other disease state the body displays— are merely signs of imbalance that is happening at the root level. In truth, by the time symptoms have manifested, the underlying mechanisms of dis-ease have been in the works for years prior. 


A symptom is not a root cause.

A diagnosis is not a root cause.

A syndrome is not a root cause.

A lab report is not a root cause.


Reaching your wellness goals requires foundational repair work. I use a systems-based approach to uncover the roots that are driving your dysfunction and creating your symptoms. Rather than continuing to chase those symptoms, you will change the internal terrain in which those symptoms have manifested so that balance is restored and health is achieved. 


The body is complex, but the path to wellness is simple.

Nutrition Deep Dive Consultation

Confused by conflicting nutrition advice? My Nutrition Deep Dive Consultation is here to clarify and customize your dietary choices. I explore your unique nutritional needs and preferences, debunk myths, and create a tailored eating plan that supports your health goals. Experience how personalized nutrition can transform your energy levels, mood, and physical health. Ready to redefine your diet? Reach out today for a consultation that caters specifically to you.

This is a 1.5 hour consultation. Client will complete an intake form prior to first session.



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Sugar Shift Challenge

Struggling with sugar cravings or erratic energy levels? Join my Sugar Shift Challenge! This service is tailored to help you overcome sugar dependency, stabilize your blood sugar levels, and enhance your energy throughout the day. Through meal planning, lifestyle changes, and supportive coaching, you’ll discover a life beyond the sugar highs and lows. Are you ready to transform your relationship with sugar for good?

This package includes three 45-minute sessions. 


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Stress Mastery Series

Overwhelmed by stress? My Stress Mastery Series is here to help you regain control and find calm in the chaos. Unmitigated stress and repressed emotional trauma stays inside the body where it disrupts the function of cells, tissues, and organs. This is the root of dis-ease. This program uses nutrition and lifestyle modification, along with evidence-based techniques to manage stress, enhance your mental resilience, and improve your overall wellness. Learn tools to improve your emotional well-being, so that you can enjoy a more peaceful and productive life. Ready to master your stress? Connect with me and start your journey to tranquility.

This package includes five 50-minute sessions. Client will complete an intake form prior to first session.


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Vibrant Aging Pathway

Worried about aging gracefully? Embrace my Vibrant Aging Pathway, where longevity meets vitality. This program is crafted to support graceful aging with a focus on proactive health strategies that enhance mobility, strengthen cognitive function, and boost overall energy levels. You’ll receive personalized guidance on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments that make aging a journey of empowerment and joy. Interested in aging vibrantly? Let’s chat about your path to a youthful spirit and healthier body.

This package includes six 50-minute sessions. Client will complete an intake form prior to first session.


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Gut Rebalance Initiative

Are you tired of digestive distress overshadowing your life? My Gut Rebalance Initiative focuses on restoring your digestive health to optimize your entire well-being. By emphasizing the importance of a balanced microbiome, this service aims to alleviate common issues like bloating, fatigue, and food intolerances….but did you know that poor gut health manifests with symptoms like anxiety & depression, hormonal imbalances, weight loss resistance, autoimmunity, and more! Indeed, the gut is your health's foundational battleground and in this package, you’ll gain not just relief but also a comprehensive understanding of how gut health impacts your overall vitality. Ready to feel revitalized? Let’s get your gut & digestive health on track!

This package includes eight 50-minute sessions. Client will complete an intake form prior to first session, with an option submit any previous lab work.


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Total Wellness Transformation

Ever wondered how much better life could be with optimal health? My Total Wellness Transformation offers a comprehensive approach to address all facets of your health. Focusing on nutrition, gut health, exercise, and stress management, this program is perfect for those ready to make a profound change in their health journey. Embrace a healthier, more vibrant you with my expert guidance every step of the way. Let’s begin your transformation together!

This package includes twelve 50-minute sessions. Client will complete an intake form prior to first session, with an option to submit any previous lab work.


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Fitness for Wellness Routine

Feeling disconnected from your fitness routine? My Fitness for Wellness Routine is designed to align your physical activities with your overall wellness goals. This service offers customized exercise plans that fit your lifestyle and boost your health without overwhelming you. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to revamp your workout, you’ll find joy in movement and see tangible health improvements. Ready to find your fitness groove? Let’s create a routine that feels like a celebration of what your body can do.

This package includes eight 30-minute training sessions.


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Fitness for Wellness Routine Single Session

One (30 min) Training Session



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Biome Fx Stool Test Consultation

This session is for you if you have completed the stool test from Microbiome Labs. I will share the results of your test with you and develop a personalized gut restoration protocol using dietary, supplemental, and lifestyle modifications. 
This is a one hour session.


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