Your blueprint for optimal wellness

Just as cracks in the walls or ceilings, uneven floors, and sticking doors are clear indicators of a house's foundation in disrepair, symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, IBS, arthritis, brain fog, and more are warning signs that your body's foundation, the gut microbiome, is in dire need of attention. Your gut microbiome is a finely tuned factory of trillions of microorganisms that orchestrate every function of human existence—from a robust metabolism to cognitive function; from hormonal balance to immunity.

Just as a home's stability depends on a solid foundation, your well-being hinges on a balanced and thriving ecosystem within your gut. Ignoring you body's distress signals is like disregarding structural issues in a house; addressing them is essential for maintaining health and vitality, and for reaching your wellness goals. 

BALANCE YOUR BIOME is my most comprehensive program to date. As part of this program, you will receive and submit a stool test from Microbiome Labs. Once the test has been received by the lab, it will be analyzed by a clinician and me. You will receive an entire library of teaching audios in addition to one-on-one coaching sessions with me to support your gut healing protocol. This is the future of wellness: personalized, comprehensive care from the comfort of your own home. The information I provide is yours for life. 

In this program, you will receive:

  •  1 stool test kit from Microbiome Labs
  •  2 gut restorative supplements
  •  Comprehensive health assessment 
  •  3.5 hours of 1-on-1 video coaching with me
  •  An audio library on: Digestion 101, Eat for your biome, Detoxification, Stress management & sleep
  •  Gut healing recipes and foods list
  •  Downloadable support documents
  •  From start to finish, the program will take approximately 4 weeks

*Supplements will be recommended. The choice is yours if you wish to purchase them, however, they will be chosen carefully by a Microbiome Labs clinician and me with the intent of healing and rebuilding your microbiome. There is no way to know which products will be recommended for you until your stool test is read, but a baseline investment, should you choose to purchase, is around $355.00. This estimation is not included in the cost of this program.



Follow Up Consultation

(For existing clients only) 

I offer this option when you need brief, focused support and guidance on a specific issue that’s challenging you. These sessions are for established clients and are perfect as a short emergency or maintenance appointment when you need continued support to keep you on track.