What if your best years are still ahead of you?

Mastering health and wellness in this fast-paced, stressful, and overly toxic world is quite a challenge…and trying to do so as a multitasking, plate-spinning woman in midlife can seem nearly impossible. 

Let’s face it: Midlife is the point when, for better or worse, the choices we have made in prior decades catch up with us. Midlife is when the body, mind, and spirit say: “The jig is up. Something’s got to give.”  Perhaps this is where the idea of a midlife crisis was birthed because midlife definitely represents a fork in the road, with two distinct routes: Keep going down the familiar; or brave the unknown. 
I prefer the latter, and my passion is helping other women choose the road less traveled—the one that ultimately leads to restoration, balance, and vitality. 

My Philosophy as a Functional Practitioner

I understand that everyone is unique; everything is connected; and all things matter. Your age does not determine your health, wellness, or body size. Your body was designed to function brilliantly, and when supported well, it does just that.
Weight loss resistance, chronic pain, insulin resistance, food allergies, hormonal imbalances, IBS, chronic fatigue, anxiety, skin issues, autoimmune conditions (and every other distress signal the body sends out) are merely symptoms of imbalance that is happening at a foundational level. In truth, by the time symptoms have manifested, the underlying mechanisms of dis-ease have been in the works for decades prior. Is it possible to turn back the hands of time and reset your wellness? You bet! 
Keep Reading, I'm about to drop some truth bombs...

As an ancient saying warns us, “Maybe you are searching in the branches for what only appears in the roots.” 

My work as a functional nutrition counselor goes much deeper than telling you what and how to eat. You’ve been there and done that. There’s so much more to your story. You see, the symptoms you experience are merely like the branches of a tree. To find out why they are appearing in the first place, you must dig deep into the soil and explore the roots that are supporting that tree. The roots I’m speaking of are: Genes, Digestion, and Inflammation. When you work with me, you will see how every single symptom you are experiencing can be traced back to these 3 roots. Every. Single. Time. 
When these roots are addressed, symptoms are alleviated, the entire body is restored to balance and proper function….and those goalzzz you set….easy peasy. 

The functionality of all body systems is where healing happens. 

The reality is that when you only target symptoms, you might experience temporary relief….like patching a hole in a leaky bucket. But unless you’ve addressed root causes, that bucket will spring a leak somewhere else.
Imbalance drives imbalance, and this is why midlife can be so frustrating. By the you’ve reached your 40’s and beyond, you’ve spent years trying to mend a leaky bucket…
You’ve dieted, fasted, cleansed, purged, and supplemented. You’ve jogged, counted steps, googled, measured, and weighed. You’ve been tested, poked, and prodded. Your lab results read like a criminal’s rap sheet, and your wellness woes persist. 
What gives? What’s going on here??
Age is not the problem, and your symptoms are merely messages from your body, urging you to dig deeper. Get to the roots and symptoms will be alleviated.

Addressing the roots of wellness is how goals are achieved.

My mission is to help women fully understand and embrace this truth. If this resonates with you, reach out. I’m ready to help.