You = Your Habits

Feb 28, 2021

For the most part, women hire me for help in losing unwanted pounds/body fat. As a fitness trainer and a nutrition coach, I use both platforms as vehicles for change—but forming new exercise and nutrition habits can be quite challenging.  

Even if new habits are formed, it’s easy to let them fall by the wayside when unexpected circumstances arise, or results are not seen fast enough.  We all expect progress to follow a consistent, steady trajectory: Set the goal. Eat the kale. Throw away the Doritos. Lift the weights. Goal accomplished. 


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But here’s the truth: Change is happening at a foundational level from the moment you set foot on your new path…even if you aren’t yet seeing those changes. To quote James Clear, author of Atomic Habits: 

“Habits appear to make no difference until you cross a critical threshold and unlock a new level of performance…..the most powerful outcomes are delayed. Your work is not wasted; it is just being stored—-until you finally break through the plateau….”

We truly are the sum of our habits, and our outcomes are a reflection of our dedication to the process. We are so conditioned to expect fast results in ALL things, but hear me: Our bodies don’t care about our plans or our deadlines. If you want lasting change, fall in love with the process, not the outcome….and in good time, you WILL be successful.

Here are several ways I coach my clients in forming life altering habits:

  1. Choose ONE habit at a time and repeat it until it becomes engrained in your daily life. Try not to get overzealous….one at a time works best.

  2. Celebrate each success, no matter how small it seems. For example: You didn’t have time for your morning workout this week because you had a big deadline at work, but you packed healthy lunches and snacks to take with you each day.  You better believe that’s a win….and will reap big rewards.

  3. Take breaks when needed.  Although my clients know they are not “on a diet,” weight loss or body recomposition can feel tedious and even lonely sometimes. Taking a long weekend off from the process can be very restorative.  Just as athletes in endurance challenges peel away from the event and head to the rest stops, so it goes with weight loss.  You can hit “pause” to regroup and rest. No doubt you will be energized to get back on track. 

  4. Keep your eyes on the process, not the end goal.  If weight loss is the name of your game, focus on your daily water intake, the quality of your sleep, how many veggies you ate at lunch….you know: the “small” stuff—-and results WILL come in time.

  5. Fall in love with the other benefits of improved fitness and nutrition like: decreased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, prevention or reversal of Type 2 Diabetes, faster recovery of chronic health conditions, stronger immune system, and an increased level of “feel good” chemicals. There’s SO much more to wellness than a number on the scale. 


Stay Healthy & Well….and as always, reach out if you need me.


Lori Z.