Sep 10, 2019
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Y-O-U are UNIQUE! You are a one-of-a-kind creation and have a body chemistry like no other person on this earth. This is why there cannot be a “one size fits all” approach to health and wellness. How, then, do we figure out our own body’s chemistry so that we can function beautifully, in good health….for years to come?

I strongly suggest getting food and environmental allergy testing done. I’m part of the team at a local allergy testing facility. ( https://allergyfranklin.com) There, I coach the patients on their nutrition post allergy testing, and it’s truly been an eye opening experience. Patients come into the clinic to get tested for an array of allergens. When they receive the results, and then remove the foods that their bodies are reacting to, the results are miraculous. Significant weight loss, pain reduction, hormonal balance, clearing of skin, increased energy and mental clarity….I see it all, and it amazes me every time. What this actually means is that by discovering the foods that make their bodies unhappy, they are reducing chronic inflammation in their bodies!

One client recently discovered she was intolerant to bananas, spinach, and almonds….each of which were in her daily morning smoothie. How confusing….those are “healthy” foods, right?! Yes, they are, but because of her unique body chemistry, they were not healthy for her. She removed those foods, and others, and dropped 22 pounds in 3 weeks. Her skin cleared up, and she said she’s never felt better. Another client had been suffering over a year from a full body rash, and was taking high daily doses of antihistamines (and even steroids) to deal with the extreme discomfort. By eliminating the foods that she tested positive for, that rash went away and her quality of life has been restored.

Weight gain, skin rashes, brain fog, pain, hormonal imbalances, and more are all signs of chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation inside of the body is like a smoldering fire that can lead to disease. Indeed, inflammation plays a role in every disease, from asthma to arthritis; heart disease to cancer; Alzheimer’s to diabetes.

My program, “The Anti-Diet,” gives you the keys to unlocking YOUR own body chemistry and ridding your body of toxic inflammation. Weight loss is just a side effect of a body that is in balance. If you are longing to find that balance, to regain wellness, and to enjoy vitality, download your copy of “The Anti-Diet” today. https://lifebyloriz.com/products/the-anti-diet-1

Cheers to YOU,