"X" IS FOR X-RAY (part 2)

Aug 28, 2019

Today is part 2 of my transformation story.

There’s something about change that can be downright daunting, but when you know your “why,” making a change becomes a bit easier. My “why” back in the nineties was simple: Reverse the rising tide of inflammation/disease inside of my body so that I could sustain a long and healthy life.

So, that’s exactly where I began……

There was a very small local market across the street from my west side Nashville rental, so I walked over with my new list of approved foods, grabbed a basket, and started shopping. Words like: organic, gluten-free, no added sugar, non GMO, pastured, free-range, grass-fed, and nitrate free were all new to me. As I added foods to my basket, I wondered, “How is an organic apple different from a ‘regular’ apple?” and “What the heck are nitrates and why are they so bad for me?”

The first “new” meal I made was a fully organic, gluten-free, no sugar added spaghetti with grass-fed meat sauce. I’m not sure what I expected that meal to taste like, but it was glorious. I truly noticed a difference on my tongue. There was a lack of sweetness that was almost welcomed because the real flavors of each ingredient jumped right off of my plate and into my watering mouth. A fresh green salad with all the veggies I found at the market accompanied a modest serving of gluten-free noodles, a thin layer of sugar-free sauce, and a plentiful 4 ounces of grass-fed beef. My fledgling meal smelled and tasted like nothing I’d eaten before. I was satisfied, but not stuffed. I felt clear, balanced, and steady……my body was happy! I could totally do this! I wasn’t giving anything up; I was simply swapping ingredients; choosing life vs. death; I was nourishing my body, and feeding my soul while I was at it!


Life by Lori Z-64.jpg

I became a disciple of my newfound lifestyle. Within weeks, I looked and felt like a different person. Even my mood seemed to change and my outlook was more positive and clear. I made my old favorite recipes with better ingredients. I payed attention to portion sizes and the quality of each food I consumed—all in an effort to stabilize my blood sugar and allow my body to find balance for the first time. I tried new recipes and foods, I cooked with fresh herbs and spices, I fell in love with green vegetables, I made fast and easy homemade salad dressings, and started reading cookbooks like novels. I grew a pots of tomatoes, I started basil from seeds, I visited Farmer’s Markets……I found my happy place, and I’m still living there today. (Sidebar: Not once did the thought of a donut ever cross my mind. My body was so satisfied that it was no longer sending out signals for excess sugar!)

The main thing I discovered is that my body was craving the changes that I made, and immediately thanked me for doing so. I never felt deprived, and as my blood sugar normalized, I began to understand just how unhealthy I had been.

Now, I choose when & how I want to indulge but I’m able to offset an indulgence with balance and help my body return quickly to its’ sweet spot. Today, I help my clients make simple and doable changes that enhance their health and set them on a course for lifelong wellness. Our bodies want to heal and once we give them the tools, they welcome the change. Are you where I was when I started my journey? Do you need a guide? I can help…..just reach out anytime.

In Good Health,

Lori Z.