Jan 20, 2021

During a recent training session, a client asked me what I do when I hit a wall & that little voice in my head says, “Stop! This is too hard! Just quit, already!”

Ironically, early that very morning, I did have that little voice in my head….but it wasn’t so little. Before my feet even hit the floor, that voice was telling me to stay in bed; that the garage was going to be too cold for a workout; that I had worked hard enough yesterday; that I could just skip the sweat fest and linger underneath my down comforter…..the voice went on, but I cut it off, swung my feet over the side of the bed, and got up. You see, I’m getting wise to that voice. I’m finally learning how to outsmart that voice, and the truth is:


That voice is actually doing me a huge favor.


The voice that I’m speaking of has a name, and that name is “Resistance.” Resistance speaks when you are about to uplevel. That is: you are about to have a breakthrough and rise to a higher version of yourself.  Fact: Your brain has been designed to keep you alive, not to help you become your very best. Your brain throws up barriers and deploys Resistance when you are making powerful changes—changes that are going to rock your boat; take you out of your comfort zone; transform you from the inside out….you know, the uncomfortable stuff. 


Resistance says, 


“Things were so much easier before!!”

“Go ahead and skip the workout.”

“It shouldn’t be this hard!”

“Meal prep is overrated. Just hit the drive-thru.”

“You’ll probably fail anyway.”

“You know….you’re really too old to change.”

“What if you get hurt?”


Deep down inside, Resistance means well. It’s just trying to maintain the status quo & keep everything exactly how it has always been….but Resistance really needs to take a seat. So, what do I do Resistance tells me to stop? (assuming I’m not doing something stupid or life-threatening, of course). I thank it for showing up, and then….

  • I go harder, because I know I’m about to get stronger. 

  • I press in because I know I’m on the verge of a breakthrough. 

  • I keep doing the work because I know I’m becoming a newer, better version of myself.


Basically, I revel in Resistance because it only tries to keep me down when I’m about to soar. 

How about you? Can you see ways that Resistance tries to keep you stuck in the same place? Can you start to use that voice as the fuel you need to go those extra miles? Can you thank Resistance for its’ concern, but press on toward a new version of you? I believe you can. Drop me a line and let me know how it’s going…



Lori Z.