Sep 25, 2018

What do you do when you wake up one day and realize that you’re SO not where to be? The clock, your schedule, your relationships, your grocery list, the scale— all seem to be conspiring against you to create an overwhelming sense of defeat.

Before you rush out the door to go buy a juicer and 20 pounds of carrots for a 2-week detox, just pause. You need a lasting change, not a quick “fix.” What would happen if you merged your mind and body in a synergistic way that led to a complete transformation?

Today I’m teaming up with therapist/life coach, Kim Anderson. I will share my top 3 tips that can help you reach your wellness goals. Then, Kim will share her top 3 tips to stop procrastinating and make change happen. This is how the mind and body can work together! In order to make wise choices in the kitchen or at the gym, we need foundational tools and skills that will enable us to step boldly into change. Are you ready for this? Here we go!


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GO GREEN: Eat greens with every meal. When I decided to start eating greens with every meal, my world changed. I created my plate with greater wisdom and care. My plate had purpose! My meals had meaning! I no longer wasted calories; but added endless nutrients/micronutrients into my body. Energy, natural detoxification, and a balanced gut are the results of consuming greens. Total game changer.

BE A PLEASURE SEEKER: What does this have to do with weight loss, you might ask? Everything! Stress kills. Stress destroys us from the inside out—faster than sugar, or being sedentary, or double-fisting potato chips. Have something to look forward to EVERY week. It doesn’t have to be a beach vacation, or a trip out of town, but it must be something that lights your fire and puts a smile on your face. Happy people live longer….so find your happy.

CROWD IT OUT: Instead of thinking of all the foods you can’t have, focus on what you can have! Fill your fridge with veggies of every color. Stock organic, pastured meat and eggs, wild-caught salmon, nut milks, fermented vegetables, and bone broth. Load your pantry with seeds, nuts, sprouted grains, and chickpeas. Why? Because energy flows where attention goes. Shift your focus to foods that nourish, heal, and cleanse, and before long, those “undesirable” foods will simply get crowded out.



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We are created to do amazing things. We are created to shine. And friends, we can be who we are meant to be when we acknowledge these three truths:

THERE IS NEVER A PERFECT TIME: There just isn’t. The circumstances are never “just right.” Our schedules will never be empty enough, the house never clean enough, and our lives never hassle-free enough. We just have to do it anyway. We have to say no to some things so that we can say yes to the most important things—the things that help us finish our long-term goals.

THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOME SORT OF FEAR: Fear always shows up. If it doesn’t for you, consider yourself lucky. In this moment, my fear sounds like this: What if they don’t like what I write? What if I miscommunicate my message? What if I embarrass myself?The “what ifs” seep in, and we don’t even realize it until they’ve made themselves at home. Focus on this what if instead: What if I miss the opportunity to impact others because I never stepped out? That is the what if that keeps me going.

THERE IS A REASON WE NEED TO GET IT DONE: We have dreams. We have goals. We have desires. We must lean in and create the room required to let them unfold. The world needs you. It needs your voice, your impact, and your story. With all of the noise in today’s world, you must fight to make your voice heard. 

So there you have it: 3 tips for transforming your health, and 3 tips to enable you to do so! Give these a try this week….I’d love to hear how it goes!


Lori Z.

Learn more about Kim Anderson:

Web: https://www.kimanderson.life

Insta: @kim_anderson_life