Wellness Wonder Woman - Part 2

Aug 26, 2020

How many times have you set an intention to reach your wellness goals, jumped in with both feet, only to get totally derailed when unexpected circumstances arise and life gets chaotic? 

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I reached out to six of my friends & favorite TOP wellness professionals. These gals know how to keep their heads in the game, even when life throws those curveballs! This week is part 2 of WELLNESS WONDER-WOMEN, and I’m featuring Hollis Tuttle, Alyson Poling, and Amy Rains.

I posed this question to these amazing women:

“How do you navigate life’s circumstances while continuing to take care of yourself and stay on track with your wellness routine?”

Take some notes, cause their answers are GOLD!



College triathlete, turned highly-sought-after NYC fitness instructor with a degree in Nutritional Science, Hollis Tuttle is a force to be reckoned with….but don’t be fooled: that superhero exterior houses a heart of gold and a passion for all things wellness.  

For Hollis, scheduling, planning ahead, and goal setting is key. “I highly recommend scheduling workouts at least a week in advance,” says Hollis. “For example, I put my workouts into my calendar just like my other appointments. Once done, I check them off to keep the positive momentum.

She also sets either weekly or monthly fitness goals. “The variety keeps me engaged and the satisfaction of accomplishing a new goal keeps me going.”  Any wonder why this gal was a triathlete??? 

Lastly, Hollis suggests recruiting fitness-minded friends to stay accountable and add FUN to workouts and challenges. I love watching her Insta stories…. running through NYC with friends….I can feel the joy in her stride!

Follow Hollis on Instagram: @hollismtuttle and if you’re in NYC, try one of her classes at CITYROW.



Alyson Poling, founder of Alyson Poling Fitness, is a multi-certified personal trainer, and a nutrition coach. She’s also a working mom, and understands that staying on track with wellness is no easy feat….doing so takes focus & intention, even when you’re a pro!

Alyson says, “I schedule my workouts. I hand write the day/time in my calendar notebook  for the week ahead. When it’s written down and scheduled I know it’s important and it will get done. Putting yourself as a priority also helps with self image! Double win.” (Great point, Alyson!)

Just like she recommends for her clients, Alyson also spends time each week meal planning and prepping, or batch cooking soups. She also makes self-care a top priority. “If I am getting consistent, good quality sleep then I wake up 30 minutes early or stay up 30 minutes later and use those extra 30 minutes for myself…..whatever I need. Those 30 minutes are all mine.” 

To learn more about Alyson, follow her on Instagram: @alysonpolingfitness and on the web: https://www.alysonpolingfitness.com




Cookbook author, Nutritionist, and founder of her company, “Wholesomelicious,” Amy Rains is an avid foodie, wife, momma, and finds her happy place at the dining room table with her family. Amy shares her staples for staying focused on her wellness, starting with movement:

“I take a daily walk and listen to a podcast on my headphones (with my doggie)! I love the fresh air, and I always listen to something that gets my mind off of work, to-do lists, etc.”

Amy also swears that hydration is the key to productivity. “I always start my day with 20 oz of water. It totally sets the tone for my day and makes me feel energized! It’s easy to do, and helps me to not feel sluggish later.”

Her evening routine is non-negotiable, noting that she will not eat after 7:30. “If I eat any later, it disrupts my sleep (which then causes me to feel blah the next day, leads to cravings of foods I shouldn’t eat, etc.) Going to bed without a full belly also makes me feel so much better in the A.M! I also use the same rule with alcohol. As long as I don’t have a drink after 7:00, my sleep is not disrupted.”

To learn more about Amy, follow her on Instagram: @wholesomelicious and on the web: https://www.wholesomelicious.com


Simple, and doable tips from leaders in the wellness world…..these women have made wellness a priority by being intentional and building solid habits, and YOU CAN DO IT, TOO! 


As always, reach out if you need me…[email protected]

In Good Health,

Lori Z.