Wellness Wonder Woman - Part 1

Aug 19, 2020
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How many times have you set an intention to reach your wellness goals, jumped in with both feet, only to get totally derailed when unexpected circumstances arise and life gets chaotic? 

Why is it that letting go of our own wellness routine happens so quickly and automatically when life’s proverbial scale tips too heavily on the side of stress?  How can  we stay on track with our goals, while still allowing room for flex?

To answer that tough question, I reached out to six of my friends & favorite TOP wellness professionals. These gals know how to keep their heads in the game, even when life throws those curveballs! I’m featuring them in two separate blog posts. Today we will hear from Keri Glassman, Alyssa Gagarin, and Danielle Diamond. 

I posed this question to these wellness wonder-women:

“How do you navigate life’s circumstances while continuing to take care of yourself and stay on track with your wellness routine?”

Take some notes, cause their answers are GOLD!



Renowned celebrity Nutritionist, author, & founder of The Nutritious Life Studio, Keri Glassman is a leader in the world of wellness. Keri is a prolific contributor for countless top media outlets. Her advice is regularly featured on “The Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” & “The Rachel Ray Show.” (Oh, and she also founded the nutrition school where I became certified!) She agreed to share her top tips for staying on the wellness track without derailing right here on my blog:

“It sounds trite but scheduling is key,” says Keri. “Planning your workouts and meals and even conscious indulgences will make it much more likely that you will stay on track.”

Keri also subscribes to a solid morning routine, saying “If you can get your exercise in in the morning as well as a healthy breakfast and meditation, you will not only be more motivated and have a more productive day but you will be surprised at how that good momentum will carry into the next day as well.”

Keri further emphasizes that “When days are chaotic and life is uncertain having a set morning routine that your workout is part of  is critical to getting it in and giving you some calm the rest of the day. Make that the one thing you stick to and everything can fall into place.”

(This advice coming from a woman who is often “on air” before many of us wake up!)

Follow Keri on Instagram: @nutritiouslifeofficial & @thenutritiouslifestudio as well as on the web at: https://www.nutritiouslife.com 



Meet bundle of sunshine, Alyssa Gagarin! Founder of Meal Prep Chef, (a personal chef service in NYC), & Food Network Kitchen Host, this gal knows how to juggle an insane schedule while keeping that contagious smile on her face. 

Alyssa’s first tip is to ask for help. “When I get into my hustle-mode, I've found it is essential to ask for help and delegate tasks to others that don't NEED to be done by myself. Sometimes, I think I'm invincible and can do EVERYTHING! But that leads to burn out every single time.”  

(Can’t we all relate to THAT??)

Sleep is a non-negotiable for Alyssa. “You'll never catch me pulling an all-nighter, no matter the circumstances. It is the one consistent thing in my life, even when everything else is hectic and all over the place!” 

Lastly, Alyssa stresses the importance of sunshine & nature, saying, “I’m often bogged down in front of my computer or in the kitchen and insist I can keep working. But every single time that I take time to recharge my batteries outside and get some sunshine, it improves my state of being. It never DOESN'T work!!”

To learn more about Alyssa, follow her on Instagram: @alyssagagarin and on the web: https://www.mealprepchef.com




Danielle Diamond is a certified yoga instructor, nutrition coach, contributor to numerous media outlets & founder of Xen Strength Yoga. Whether she’s working with her A-list NYC clients, spending time with her boys, or hosting retreats in Italy, Danielle has her wellness routine dialed in. 

Danielle says, “I move my body every day for 60 minutes. I meditate every morning for 30 minutes. I try to eat really healthy during the week and indulge in my favorites- usually pizza, ice cream, and a margarita on the weekends.”

It’s no surprise that, even during a global pandemic, Danielle has found her footing with her wellness routine….she is, after all, a yogi! 

This pandemic has challenged all of us, and Danielle is no exception. She’s flexible in her life, citing that she now teaches online instead of in person, has traded going to the gym for tennis with her boyfriend, and even gifted herself a Peloton for her birthday. 

“I’ve learned that moving my body, meditating, and eating healthy really keep me happy and centered, but so does lying on the beach and treating myself, so I've found a really great balance during this time.”

To learn more about Danielle, follow her on Instagram: @xenstrength, and on the web: https://www.xenstrength.com


Follow these ladies on social media, and use their advice to help you stay on track—even when circumstances try to derail you. Stay tuned for tips from three more wellness wonder-women next week!