Top 4 Tips for 2020: Ironically written B.C. (before coronavirus)

Apr 02, 2020
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Remember waaaaayyyy back in January, when we were all HYPED about the new year & new decade? I was asked to speak at a New Year’s wellness event.  My topic was:  Top 4 Action Steps for 2020.


Keeping in mind that I created these 4 Action Steps “BC,” (before coronavirus), it’s ironic how completely appropriate they are for us as we navigate this global quarantine.  My goal was to provide easy, doable tips that have the greatest impact on health and wellness. Let’s take a look at my 4 Tips from January that are ringing even truer today:


GET MORE DAILY NUTRIENTS FROM REAL, WHOLE FOODS, SPECIFICALLY, ADD GREENS TO EVERY MEAL: BC (before coronavirus), this made perfect sense….but during quarantine, it makes ALL the sense.  We are focused on our immune systems right now—supporting them so that we are better able to fight off illness. Y’all, veggies are like medicine.  Nutrients from plants deeply nourish our bodies and help turn off the inflammatory response that is triggered from a distressed immune system.  Keep shopping the produce section! If no fresh is available, get frozen and stay diligent in adding veggies to every single meal.  


GO ON A DAILY WALK: BC (before coronavirus), I encouraged my clients to get out and walk daily.  Besides the movement, which helps to burn fat and calories, walking has been proven to lower stress hormones and promote a sense of well-being.  Walking in nature, specifically, can usher our bodies out of fight-or-flight and into peace & calm.  If ever we needed lower stress levels, it’s now.  Gyms are closed & my neighborhood is buzzing daily with walkers, joggers, bikers, and skateboarders.  Now is the time to implement a daily walk.  Your body, mind, and soul will thank you.


EAT AT HOME AT LEAST 4 NIGHTS PER WEEK: This one cracks me up because now….well, we have no choice! BC, many of my clients ate out for convenience and doing so made their wellness goals harder. The added fats, salt, and sugars in restaurant meals made weight loss nearly impossible, and kept inflammation levels high.  I encouraged my clients to take back control at meal time by eating at home, and now that we are forced to, we might find that our bodies are responding in kind.  If you need meal prep ideas or help with recipes, reach out—I can help! 


DO SOMETHING EACH DAY THAT INSPIRES YOU: BC, I preached that in order to be our best selves, we have to fill our own cups daily.  Lack of time was the biggest obstacle for my clients when it came to focusing on  themselves.  But now…..we have LOTS of time. I encourage you (now more than ever) to find something that lights your fire and dive into it each day—as an agent of your WHOLE body wellness.


Implementing these 4 tips right now can have a powerful impact on your wellness during these stressful times. Stay healthy and well…..but you don’t have to go it alone. As always, reach out if you need me.


Lori Z.