Oct 03, 2018
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“Morning is when I am awake, and there is dawn in me.”

-Henry David Thoreau

Clients often ask me what sort of morning routine I follow. What do I do right after my feet hit the floor? What has the most impact on the shape of my day, and what are the rituals I will not compromise?

Morning, in my opinion, is a sacred time because it sets the tone for the entire day. If I wake up late, rush the kids out the door, and feel frustrated or overwhelmed, guess what the rest of my day looks like…..No Bueno! On the other hand, when I wake up with enough time to complete my rituals, enjoy some stillness, and spend a short time visualizing my day, I’m set up for success. Today, I am sharing 3 of my “can’t live without” morning rituals that I’ve come to love over the past decade.


1. I Hydrate and Detoxify:

After I wake up and go potty, my first order of business is to pour myself a large glass of room temperature water with 1/2 squeezed lemon. Doing so detoxifies my liver, jump starts my metabolism, stimulates my bowel, and helps to balance my pH levels. I’m amazed by how quickly I wake up after drinking my lemon water, and I cannot imagine going without this step.



2. I Reach For My Higher Power:

Through prayer and meditation, I let go of all that I cannot control, and reach up towards that which is greater than I. I must tap into my power source DAILY. The very act of offering up prayer frees my soul from the assumption that I am in control. There is power in letting go. There is great strength in surrender. It’s amazing how just minutes of prayer / meditation enhances my entire day.


3. I Sweat:

Every week, I devote certain days to strength training, HIIT, yoga, and cardio. Each form of exercise is important. I work out for 20-30 minutes most mornings, and remain active throughout the rest of my day. A workout does not have to be an hour long to be beneficial. In fact, shorter workouts enable us to wok at a higher intensity, which increases the “after burn” effect, keeping our metabolism elevated for hours after the session.


My hope is that these morning rituals will awaken something new in you….and I’d love to hear your favorite rituals, too.

XX / In Good Health,

Lori Z.