Apr 23, 2020


The elusive pot of gold at the end of a long, long, lonnnng day. For those of us who struggle with getting a good night’s sleep, the effects are far reaching. 


A good night’s sleep should be the pinnacle of each day, and everything that we do during our waking hours should support the ability to fall into (and stay in) a deep, healing, restorative sleep.


Funny that we often brag about how little sleep we get, as if the deprivation is a badge of honor.  Much to the contrary, poor sleep is associated with higher stress levels, greater risk of heart disease and diabetes, depression, lowered immune function, decreased ability to focus, think, and learn…..and even….. weight gain, obesity, and a higher body mass index. 


The science is clear: Poor sleep increases our appetite and our desire for foods high in calories, but low in nutrition. Sleep deprivation also leads to a lower resting metabolic rate, which means that calories are burned at a much slower rate. Are you one of the MANY who has trouble falling, or staying asleep?


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Try flipping the script on a good night’s sleep. Instead of focusing on what happens when you crawl into bed, place your attention on what you are doing while the sun is up.  How are you setting yourself up for a successful slumber?


Here are 4 daytime tips that will make your nighttime more restful:

Start with stillness. Pray, meditate, chant, or flow upon waking. Take a few moments to reach for your higher power.  The very act of offering up a prayer frees our souls from the assumption that we are in control.  We become lighter when we release the things that we are not meant to carry.  We can’t expect to fall into bed with a peaceful mind and heart when we have not been cultivating those things during the day. Start as you mean to go on. 


Eat a protein rich breakfast within 2 hours of waking up.  Skip the cereals, bagels, and muffins.  Go for an egg scramble with veggies, oatmeal with protein powder and nuts, multi-seed toast with a thick smear of nut butter, or plain greek yogurt with 1/4 cup berries. Doing so will balance your blood sugar from the start of the day….which can help you make better nutrition choices as the day goes on….which can help you sleep better at night…..again, start as you mean to go on.


Move your body.  Sure, exercise is great for burning calories, but it also moves stress hormones right out of the body….which is helpful when we hit the sack each night. Break a sweat daily….and try to find several opportunities throughout the day to move. We were made to be in motion, and physical exertion during the day helps usher a body into rest at night. 


Be a pleasure seeker.  Yup.  That’s right….no guilt, no shame. Have something to look forward to every day.  This is a BIG one, and one that most of my clients love to hear.  Sometimes we just need permission to feel fabulous. It doesn’t have to be a beach vacation, or even a weekend out of town, but it must be something that lights your fire and puts a smile on your face each time you think about it.  Schedule “something special” on your calendar and keep that appointment!  Stress destroys us from the inside out— faster than sugar, or being sedentary, or double-fisting potato chips…..and stress is a HUGE slumber stealer. 


Here’s to a peaceful, healing night’s sleep….without counting sheep…..

-Lori Zzzzzz