Powerful Protein

Aug 16, 2020
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Today I’m making my case for PROTEIN.

Protein is a macronutrient & a major workhorse in your body.  Protein performs a great many tasks, including:

  • Maintaining lean body mass (which is critical for weight loss & maintenance)

  • Regulating hunger

  • Assisting in healing and cell repair

  • Supporting the immune system

  • Carrying out chemical reactions in the body like digestion

  • Creating satiety through the suppression of our hunger hormones

  • Acts as the building block of all cells. 


    Because protein has so many responsibilities, once it’s consumed, protein is used rather than stored….and that’s great news for our waistlines!  


When a client comes to me with a specific goal of weight loss, I always create a program that is higher in protein. Studies show that consuming between 20-40 grams of protein in each meal, is the sweet spot for weight loss. The beautiful thing is that we can use and manipulate macronutrient amounts (like protein and carbohydrates) to reach our desired goal. A higher amount of protein is specific to the goal of weight loss, as is lowered carbohydrates.  This strategy need not be followed 365 days a year, but when seeking to change body composition, it’s a proven winner. 


I’m partial to animal protein because it’s complete and contains all of the amino acids.  Be sure, however, that the animal protein you consume is organic, pastured, and free of antibiotics and growth hormones. There is a saying: We are what we eat ate.  Meaning: when we eat an animal, we are also consuming everything that the animal has been eating.  Scary thought, unless you follow the criteria I laid out above.


A nutrient-dense meal plan, like the one I created in “The Anti-Diet ( https://lifebyloriz.com/the-antidiet-program )that is high in protein, contains ample fiber, a beneficial amount of non-starchy carbohydrates, and an appropriate amount of healthy fat is the cornerstone of good health and the KEY to lasting weight loss. 


Become besties with the butcher and see if you don’t get to those health & wellness goals even faster!