Apr 06, 2022

I have a question to ask you. What thoughts come to mind when I say the word ‘hormones’? What images swirl around in your head when you hear these words: 


  • hormonal imbalance

  • perimenopause

  • menopause


Maybe you think of things like:

  • hot flashes

  • weight gain

  • insomnia

  • belly fat

  • fatigue

  • brain fog

  • moodiness

  • anxiety

Yes, yes, and heck yes! These are all symptoms we’ve come to associate with hormones. These are the symptoms that have the capacity to wreck us—and wreck us they do! Understandably, in our misery, we find ourselves scrambling for the quickest fix; the fastest remedy to bring our bodies into some sort of balance. 




Isn’t it curious how many times women will have their hormones checked without first addressing liver health, blood sugar balance, and gut health? Maybe that’s because:

We’ve never been taught that laying a strong & solid foundation of wellness IS THE FIX. 

But laying a foundation doesn’t happen very fast. In fact, it happens pretty slowly. Have you ever watched the process of a home being built? Well, there’s the ground breaking, excavation, grading, inspections, testing, digging for footings, leveling, installing rebar, concrete mixing, stems formed….and that’s all before the slab is even poured! 

Whew! Now, can you imagine forgoing this process…or skipping past a few steps because they take too long? Forget those beautiful marble kitchen countertops…that house would fall apart before the framing went up! 

Ladies, we cannot ‘pass go’ or move forward past these fundamental levels of wellness in search of the elusive magic pill. So, I’m going to ask you to shift your mindset just a bit with me today. I’m going to ask you to look at hormone function through a new and different lens. If you’re willing, read on because: 


One of the major functions of the endocrine system is to maintain homeostasis (balance) in the body. This is accomplished through a network of glands, cells, and communication mechanisms. 

Now, if the body’s internal terrain (the liver, the gut, and blood sugar) are off kilter it’s difficult for these communication mechanisms to do their work of maintaining homeostasis, and this is precisely when we feel the feels of an imbalanced hormonal system. 

This is when we start to display all of those frustrating symptoms that we have come to associate with hormonal imbalance… But, as sexy as it is to want to rush to hormone therapy, the internal terrain must first be addressed. The internal terrain is the “hot zone;” “ground zero;” the “epicenter” of action where hormone function exists.

Please hear me: Addressing the health of the liver, gut, and blood sugar is nonnegotiable. The complexity of the internal terrain is why it’s not wise to just look at a set of hormone labs without considering the whole person; the entire terrain… because it is the internal terrain that impacts the expression of our hormones. THIS is the work to be done first and foremost. THIS is the foundation of your wellness and hormonal balance. 

For further explanation, watch this quick VIDEO I named “The Menopause Manifesto.”

And, as always, if you need help laying your firm foundation of health & balance, just email me at: [email protected].

In Good Health,

Lori Z.