Nov 06, 2018

Hi All!

You might have noticed a new letter on the “Life by Lori” logo! We are thrilled to announce some recent updates to our programming at “Life by Lori.” We are adding a Z to our business identity and here is why:

We want you to know, feel, and experience “Life by Lori Z” as an A-Z experience of your wellness. Good health isn’t just about the kale or the smoothie….it’s about your tribe, your joy, your emotional well being….and SO much more!

We will be launching some programs on the ABC’s of wellness and offering some tips for habit and lifestyle shifts that you won’t want to miss, especially before the holidays! We have some additional programs we are launching that will all be about the A-Z healthy way to be! We want to encourage you that achieving optimal health it is a step-by-step process—it’s about getting your life in complete balance and we are here for you from A to Z.

Ok, OK you get it… I personally cannot thank you all enough for your support and look forward to growing Life by Lori along with you and your goals.

Please make note of the new website address: (we are a .com now….and have added a “z”)

Insta: @life_by_loriz

email: [email protected]


Lori Z.

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