Jan 08, 2019

Inflammation is such a buzz word now, and has been demonized across the board….but hold on just a second! Did you know that inflammation is a normal and helpful process that occurs when your body protects you from things like injury, bacteria, and viruses? We actually need some level of inflammation in the body to stay healthy! However it’s becoming increasingly common for the inflammatory response to get out of hand, and that is what has us our bodies sending out the “Bat Signal.”



Yes, there is a flip side to the heroic nature of inflammation. Exposure to dietary and environmental toxins, being overweight, living a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, infections, prescription drugs, and stress of all kinds causes the body to sense danger. When the body feels threatened (when no REAL threat is present like injury or illness), the inflammatory response is triggered by the immune system, and inflammation becomes chronic. Chronic inflammation is more like a smoldering fire, and if it stays too long, leads to disease. Make sense?

The problem with chronic inflammation, besides leading to disease (which is problem enough), is that it makes us feel awful, and keeps us stuck in a downward spiral. When we are chronically inflamed, we have trouble losing weight, and suffer from a host of side effects like: digestive issues, body aches and pains, brain fog, skin problems, accumulation of belly fat, irritability, depression, and hormonal issues….yuck, and no thank you!

My blog posts in 2019 are going to focus on foods, habits, hacks, and lifestyle changes that are ANTI- INFLAMMATORY….everything from A-Z! I am more convinced than ever that chronic inflammation is like our kryptonite, and eliminating it unleashes our power…. then, we can become the SUPER HEROS we truly are.

Guess what else reduces inflammation….Bone Broth! That’s the letter “B,” and it’s coming up next week.



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