When was the last time you got a quality night's sleep?

Because you're here, my guess is it's been a while, huh? 






It's time you flip the script on sleep. Instead of focusing on what happens when you crawl into bed, place your attention on what you are doing while the sun is up. How are you setting yourself up for a successful slumber?


Inside the Guide You'll Find ways to: 
  • Eat Your Way to Better Sleep
  • A Better Way to Do Your Day
  • Steps You Need to Take to Easily Fall (& STAY) Asleep
  • Build Your Successful Nighttime Routine
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This Guide is For You If...

You're sick of having exhaustion as your default state. 

The scale keeps creeping up, even though you are doing "all the things."

In order to make it through the day, you rely on caffeine, caffeine, and more caffeine! 

Meet the mind behind your newfound slumber

I'm Lori!

I am a Board Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and Holistic Health Practitioner, Fitness Trainer, wife, momma, laundry ninja, master meatball maker, kid Uber-driver, nature-lover, and wanna-be-homesteader with a passion for helping other busy women achieve their desired health and fitness goals.

I understand most women simply don’t have hours to spend at the gym, or in the kitchen, which makes the pursuit towards wellness seem impossible.

The good news is it’s NOT impossible…and this is where I come in.

For the past 15 years, I’ve found great joy in helping women create habits, shape bodies, and change their lives.

My goal is the same for you. It is possible to reach your fitness and wellness goals! I'm here to help!

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Don’t believe the lie that your sleep will never improve. 

You’ve tried everything, but if you are still wrestling with your sleep, you have more to discover about the process. I understand the frustration and anxiety that chronic sleep deprivation produces. This Guide is ready to help!

It's time to become a certified Sleep Ninja

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