$997.00 USD

Please note: All consultation payments are non-refundable. If the client wishes to change her scheduled time, she must do so at least 3 days prior to the consultation. Additionally, if a scheduled appointment is cancelled within 48 hours of the session, or if the client fails to attend a session, the full fee will be payable. 
  1. I fully understand that Lori Zabka is not a licensed medical doctor. Suggestions and treatments offered are not intended to take the place of your medical provider, including the diagnosed treatment of named diseases. I also understand that it is my responsibility to discuss any and all information provided during consultations and coaching with my primary health care provider or any other health care providers/specialists whose care I may be under. I release Lori Zabka Wellness from any and all legal liability during my participation Lori Zabka Wellness consultations and coaching. I assume sole responsibility for my own health and for the results of any consultation and coaching provided by Lori Zabka Wellness that may affect my health in any way. 


BALANCE YOUR BIOME: Your Blueprint to Optimal Wellness


BALANCE YOUR BIOME is my most comprehensive program to date. You will receive and submit a stool test from Microbiome Labs. Once the test has been received by the lab, it will be analyzed by a clinician and myself. You will receive an entire library of teaching videos in addition to one-on-one coaching sessions with me to support your gut healing protocol. This is the future of wellness: personalized, comprehensive care from the comfort of your own home. The information I provide is yours for life. 

In this program, you will receive:

  •  1 stool test kit from Microbiome Labs
  •  2 gut restorative supplements
  •  Comprehensive health assessment 
  •  3.5 hours of 1-on-1 video coaching with me
  •  A video library on: Digestion 101, Eat for your biome, Detoxification, Stress management & sleep
  •  Gut healing recipes and foods list
  •  Downloadable support documents
  •  From start to finish, the program will take approximately 4 weeks